Autism Tools

Perception and technique are key ingredients when following an Aromatherapy program, specifically designed toward autism’s unique traits.  It’s behavioral benefits include:

  1. Self-Regulation – Frankincense is used in moments of stress, using preferred aromas provide a tool deep breathing exercise and pleasant associations.  With each deep breath, aromas filter through to the olfactory tract in the nasal cavity and create a reaction, within seconds, that influence our mind and body.  Self regulation can begin take form, generating calmness.
  2. Flexible Thinking – Rigidity is one of the greatest challenges with autism. An Aromatherapy program can help distract, replace, and redirect.  Create an association with on pleasant aroma or blend of aromas.  During moments of flexibility introduce the aroma.  When inflexible moments occur, use the aroma as a tool to get back on track.  Suggest a break to take a deep breath of the preferred aroma, then continue with a plan A suggestion or plan B suggestion.  Soon, there will be a positive association with the aroma and flexible thinking.
  3. Focus – Aromas of Peppermint and Rosemary are great to encourage concentration.  Used at the appropriate times before and during homework, reading, or even playing complements the process by promoting positive tactics and pleasant practice.