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  1. Host a Ladies Night Out “Party”:
    • Free Stuff – As a party host you will receive free products from our reserved, hosting, selection of products.  The higher the sales the more product you receive
    • Half-Price Products – Up to 5 products
    • Discounts – on Products for a full year – 30% at your party and 10% for a full year after.
    • Rewards – Save 50% on any party a friend books

  2. Aroma Bar Package:  Call to request quote

    Make your special event memorable with an Aroma Bar.  A great idea for weddings, showers, bat mitzvah’s (in Fairfield, CT and surrounding areas).

    Aroma Bar Includes:

    A rainbow of therapeutic grade essential oils adorn the aroma bar for guests to mingle, discuss and enjoy.  Party goers have the opportunity to waft individual aromas past their nose and enjoy a unique olfactory experience.  A certified aromatherapist is available to explain the healing properties and provide assistance.  A display of information cards are present at each essential oil station and include healing properties, uses and application methods typically used.  At the end of the presentation, each participant will understand their own unique attraction to aromas and are certain to take with them a lasting memory of your special day.

    Favors can be included to include a bride/groom massage lotion (love potion), bath salt or roll-on perfume bottle.  The product is scented with a personalized synergy (recipe), selected by the host/hostess,  of preferred essential oils and symbolize how we are all connected in mind, body, spirit.

    50% non-refundable deposit is due at time of booking.  We accept credit.

    Call to book your appointment!

  3. Kids Basic Party Package:  Starts at $150 – 45 Minutes

Basic Party Packages (45 Minutes):

  • Friendship Circle
  • Aroma Bar
  • Aromatherapy Bingo
  • Special Scented Mister (scented her way)


Workshop: Kids LOVE to mix, color, spray, touch, smell, and mold.  Our workshop party is perfect for the little naturalist, fashionista, or artist.  Parties run for 90 Minutes and comes complete with Aroma Bar and Interactive Workshop Table.  Party participants create and leave with their own bath fizz/bomb or luxurious sugar scrub.

$30/Child (minimum 10 children)

Synergy Workshop:  Each guest can choose up to 3 essential oils to create their own scented inhaler to take home.

$30 (minimum 10 children) or can be quoted as an add on to the above workshop

We come to you (in Fairfield, CT and surrounding areas – Mileage limitations apply)

Birthday Celebration Format:

Friendship Circle:  This is a party about honoring ourselves and the birthday person.  We begin by sharing what each participant loves about themselves and what they love about the birthday girl/boy.

Aroma Bar: A rainbow of 12 aromas are displayed and checklist or the aromas handed out to each.  Beginning at “red”, each party goer wafts the aroma past their nose, determines if they enjoy the scent, as a certified aromatherapist explains about the healing properties.  Before moving on, each participant writes down their feelings about the aroma.  At the end of the presentation, each participant will understand their own unique attraction to aromas.

Aromatherapy BINGO:  The party continues with a test of “essential oil” knowledge.  Door prizes are provided to winner(s).

Optional Workshop Table: Following the instructions of a certified aromatherapist, each party participant will combine pre-measured ingredients to formulate the product.

  • Product #1 – Bath Fizz/Bombs – Using the gentlest of essential oils – Lavender – all natural, pure and preservative free ingredients are stirred, scented, sprayed and molded to create a fun and luxurious product that will leave each participant with lasting memories.
  • Product #2 – Sugar Scrub – Non-toxic, alcohol free, paraben, all natural oils are mixed together with therapeutic grade Lavender essential oil and poured into a bowl of organic sugar to use and pamper each guest’s sensitive skin.  Packaged with care, a bamboo spoon is included.

After each perfumer completes the workshop, the birthday celebration continues with food or birthday treat (supplied by the party host/hostess).


50% non-refundable deposit is due at time of booking.  We accept credit.

Email to book your appointment!