Essential Oils

Essential oils go through a distillation process that can create a variance from product to product.  As with most things in life, there are value and quality products.  Oils are not equal from one store to the next.

For general cleaning, most essential oils will do.  You may not receive the highest anti-bacterial elements within a lesser oil but, if you can’t put forth the investment for a better quality product, cleaning with the lessor products will be fine.  You are still receiving the benefits of clean air from your efforts to eliminate the toxins from typical, store bought, cleaning products.

For therapeutic work, and to achieve the most benefit from the properties prescribed in each individual oil, you must do your due diligence to ensure the product you purchase is quality. Our oils are individually selected based on origin, aroma, and therapeutic value.  Locally, you cannot buy the grade of essential oils we offer.  Our oils are pure and carefully analyzed for quality in each batch.  Along with your purchase, you will receive personalized service and suggestions for use.

The supply of essential oils is constantly changing. Please email me at with your needs.  I can provide you a quote, based availability and current market value.