Aromatherapy Services

Welcome to Scented Your Way!

We offer a unique experience for children and party goers to support mind, body and spirit in a fun, interactive environment.  We specialize in children’s parties, weddings, home parties and corporate events:

Children’s party – Introduce your child and his/her guests to the world of Aromatherapy.  The children will learn about botanicals, the essential oils, and an all natural, non-toxic option to beauty.

Aroma Bar: A fun way to learn about different essential oils, the aroma bar is a rainbow of essential oils displayed and ready to energize, enjoy and teach party goers about this holistic, complementary and therapeutic treatment of mind, body and spirit.  Each essential oil station displays an informational card.  A “Scented Your Way” representative is available to assist your guests in providing a scentsational experience.  An optional party favor of massage oil or bath salt, scented with the host/hostesses favorite synergy, can be included.

Event Booth:  Plan your next corporate event to include an event booth.  Leave your customers and collegues talking about you!  Interactive and informative, the attendees will leave remembering your brand.

We travel to you (Fairfield and surrounding areas – Mileage limitations do apply).

Specialized Service:

Aromatherapy Consultations for the special needs population –  A program designed for the speical needs population to reduce stress through the use of aromatic inhalers and diffusers, preferred essential oils (for both therapeutic and enjoyable purposes), and individual program development. In Temple Grandin’s new book, she refers to peppermint essential oil as helping her overactive sense of smell by using it as a tool to deal with the un-pleasantries of other smells.

$50 (1 hour) Initial Consultation fee/$75 Individualized Program Set up (includes 1 personalized inhaler)/Additional product fees vary depending upon essential oil synergy