About Us

Press Dough launched its site in 2007 as an internet retailer, selling multiple cookie cutters – a gadget which produces up to 4 cookie cuts with one “press of the dough”. This entrepreneurial effort, though useful, was difficult to market and produce with minimal budget.  So what happened next?

Of course, a jump to aromatherapy.  Why not?  Still holding onto the PressDough name (I can’t seem to give it up), Pam Walsh, a Certified Aromatherapist, will introduce you to the benefits of using essential oils. Devoting the craft to the special needs community, our program helps with self-regulating behaviors and reactive feelings. By utilizing the olfactory tract (sense of smell), aromatic inhalation will promote deep breathing techniques and pleasant memory based responses that calm the limbic system.

We offer workshops, home parties, quick consultations and children’s birthday party packages. The children learn about natural botanicals and make their very own beauty product. Our spa meets laboratory birthday celebration is sure to please.

Pam Walsh lives in Connecticut with her husband, golden retriever, and two children, one neurotypical and the other with autism spectrum disorder. She is a Licensed Real Estate Agent, a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Dedicated to Autism Awareness, Pam’s primary work is to educate children about Autism, encourage understanding and acceptance, and promote a call to action within young peer circles.

Pam works full time in higher education, is the administrator of a parenting autism group support site on WebMD, writes about her experiences in her personal blog, mothering autism, and is passionate about her own experiences with essential oils and aromatherapy.  She also loves to spark her creative juices through learning, inventing, and mentoring/coaching/training.