Vaccuum Deodorizer

Vaccuum Deodorizer (Easy)

Supplies: Cotton ball, 8 drops of essential oil

Enjoy vaccumming again by adding a favorite scent from your collection of essential oils.  The musty smell from dust and soot can be replaced with a clean, fresh aroma that is personalized to your preference.  Use the suggestions below and I guaratee your attitude about vaccuuming will become brighter:

Lavendar – Antiviral – Floral Scent- Emits calmness………………….. Lemon – Antiviral – Citrus – Emits a feeling of energy……………                     Orange –  Antibacterial – Citrus                                                                                   Eucalyptus – Antibacterial/Antiviral – Clean –                                               Tea Tree – Antibacterial/Antiviral – Clean

Directions:  Place 8 drops of the chosen essential oil on the cotton ball and place in the vaccuum chamber or bag.  Vaccuum your rugs or floors as directed.

Tip:  Try to blend the essential oils.  I use Lemon Eucalyptus for all my cleaning needs.

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